Will my seeds grow big enough for the summer? Meet the cat…


Here he is 🙂 my soul mate! My fluffy. He has a name but I never call him by it. I call him Fluffy…ugh, but that’s not his real name. I’m slightly embarrassed by his ‘pet’ name I’ve given to him but he responds well to it! I sing it to him all the time…

Well, I am here asking myself at the beginning of April looking at my tiny lobelia seedlings on the window sill barely a centimetre tall – are they going to grow into anything decent?


I even put a second lot of seed in here hoping to get more seedlings. Then I realised how tricky that is going to be to get out the first ones when the second ones are so small…. I planted some more in a separate tray – like I should have done the first time! I’ve planted ‘String of Pearls’ in the other tray and looking at the packet there are 3 colours on it with white in the middle and I’m wondering if string of pearls is just white? Time will tell!

My winter sown seedlings, most of them are barely just germinating , I’ve only transplanted cornflowers and nigella. Last year was my first year of gardening and I remember buying some bedding plants from Aldi, lobelia, planting them in a pot and thinking they are tiny! But they came true and lasted ages. I hope the same will happen when I grow my own. I can feel the urge to BUY  but I am hoping I will resist and stick with all my efforts of growing my own from seed!


the only thing I have grown from seed ever – oh no! I just remembered I grew tomatoes, courgettes, carrots and potatoes years ago. But anyway – I learnt a lesson in growing nasturtiums! They self seed like crazy – choose where you plant them carefully because they grow madly. It grew from my border onto my grass, left a yellow patch and I picked out hundreds of seeds from the border deciding that I need to control the growth a bit more next time, maybe in an area where it doesn’t matter that they grow madly and self seed. I didn’t know they can climb – mine didn’t climb, it spread across the lawn! It did look fab tho. They are mega easy to grow, a great beginners plant and they fill a gap farily quickly and last all summer. Snails are not interested in them.  I just literally pulled bits off to keep it the size I wanted in the border. I’m sure I would have missed some seeds trying to clear the border for this years plants and I expect to see a few familar looking leaves sprouting up!

Spring Blossom….

I noticed that light pink blossoms come first in the spring and start fading whilst the white blossoms arrive and when they fade the dark pink blossoms arrive, Well I think the white blossoms are on the turn – just – and I feel like spring is going too fast! As I’ve gotten older I realise the blossoms are so brief. I don’t have the time to sit and watch them all day although part of me wishes I did. A couple of years ago I went for a walk at 6 am in the morning. It was so quiet. I took a load of pictures on instagram and I can feel the desire to just be there again recapture that quietness of that morning, the sun shine and tingle and confetti of the blossom.

A glimpse of summer….

I realise that spring is actually mostly cold. We are still wearing big coats and woolly hats. Yesterday we had maybe our second glimpse of summer warmth as I sat in the garden with my husband and my cat. The sky blue and the sun temporarily hot baking the soils of the seedlings. My lovely husband dozed in his chair. I joined in and lay on my side on our uncomfortable and broken wooden bench and then within a few moments our cat jumped up close to me and cuddled in. For a twenty minutes or so we all basked and semi-slept together. The sun I could feel burning my face, tingling my lips. I was so happy and content. I wish I had a picture of it…

But in reading this back I realise it is still cold for the plants, not just us, a few more seedlings in the winter sown milk cartons appeared after the warm day so I guess its only a matter of time…


Mushroom diaries


£2.99 to have a go at growing some mushrooms? OK then! Since it says I can get 4 harvests I figure it should cost around the same to buy roughly the same amount except it would be far more straightforward to buy them but far more fun and adrenalin fueling to grow my own! So if you have never tried it here is my experience following the instructions on the box…..

Fold the bag the mushroom spawn is in over the top, you’re going to water it and we don’t want soggy cardboard. It smells like mushrooms! And looks like straw covered in white stuff.
Spread the mushroom spawn evenly and spray water with mister
Fold in the handles – it props up the box to let air in when you place it on top of the bottom half of the box
Sit in a 20-25 degree room for a coupla days, spray each day but not too much

So… in a couple of days I’ll post again to see what it looks like before I add the little bag of compost……


Publishing as I learn….

Hello if you have somehow by whatever means ended up on this blog! It is purely an online journal in my first year of gardening where I hope to share my successes and failures, experiments, tips and useful information I can share along the way. This flower is above is an Astrantia “shaggy’! Isn’t it beautiful? I have winter sown some seeds for this this year (2017) fingers crossed… I got the seeds for free as I’m a member of a local botanical gardens and they have a seed list were they give free seeds to their members once a year. I’m quite excited by the prospect of multiplying the number of plants I have through seed sowing and cuttings, as cheap and easily as possible and I hope to share what I am trying on this blog so hopefully you can try it too. (OK – propagation – that’s the real term for multiplying plants!).